FAQ About Returing to Worship

FAQ About Returing to Worship

Frequently Asked Questions About Worship During Pandemic Recovery

What can we expect in the assemblies at the building?

  • Gathering with like-minded brothers and sisters all meeting at 10:00AM.
  • Designated areas for entry and seating while maintaining 6 feet from the next closest family or worshipper.
  • Wearing masks at all times upon entering the building except for communion.
  • Live singing, prayers and preaching.
  • Avoiding handshakes, hugs and touching
  • Entering and leaving building while respecting all guidelines.
  • Giving your family name to the greeters so attendance can be tracked.

Will there be any Bible classes offered at the building?

  • No in-person classes at this time.
  • We will continue to offer online Bible classes on Sundays and Wednesday nights. See the bulletin for class/study information.
  • As restrictions are lifted, classes will be reevaluated.

Will restrooms be available?

  • Yes, each assembly will use the closest restroom facilities.
  • Wash hands thoroughly, please.
  • Try to avoid touching surfaces when possible.
  • Use hand sanitizer when leaving the restroom.

How will we offer Communion and take the offering?

  • Individualized communion cups will be available when entering.
  • Baskets will be available in the foyer for your contribution.

 Are there any special expectations the Elders have?

  • Respect each other’s views on safety.
  • Do not pressure brethren to move beyond their comfort zones.
  • Be patient with this new process.
  • Pray for a wonderful experience together!
  • Recognize that there is no precedent for what we are doing.
  • Worship God and encourage one another to love and good works.

What can members do to help?

  • Do not attend if you feel sick in any way or have an elevated temperature.
  • Pray for the success of our worship and for everyone to remain healthy.
  • Come with a spirit of cooperation and patience, especially during the first weeks as we adapt.
  • Consider carefully what is best for your family’s circumstances.
  • Come early to assure everyone is seated.
  • Take used communion cups, and any trash, to the trash cans in the foyer.

Will there be extra measures to sanitize the building?

  • Yes, the building will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to each service.

Will there be an opportunity for fellowship beyond the worship assemblies?

  • Fellowship should occur in the parking lot while respecting social distancing and mask requirements.

Please pray for our University Church family as we go through this process and work toward normal worship




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