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Sunday 9am Classes (November – January, 2018)

Topic Teacher Location
Studies in 2nd Corinthians Cecil May Auditorium
Middle Marrieds & More: Dealing with LGBTQ issues/The Book of James Steve Wages/Gerald Jones Fellowship Hall
Prison Epistles Scott Gleaves Seminar Room
Young Married/Professionals: Prayer/TBD Scott Latham/TBD University Room
College Group: Galatians: Freedom in Christ Various Students College Room, Annex 118

Wednesday 6:30pm Classes (November – January, 2018)

Topic Teacher Location
How to Study the Bible Todd Brenneman Auditorium
A Survey of the Life of Christ Ray Dutton Fellowship Hall
The Gospel vs. Islam Martel Pace Seminar Room
Ladies Class: Proverbs 31 Mary Beth Clayton
and Laurie Morris
University Room
Sign Language Class Lawrence Barclay Annex 123
College Group: Questions of Christ Andrew Kingsley College Room, Annex 118